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OmegaFinex, a distinguished brand operating under the umbrella of Omega Finex Incorporated, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation since its inception. With an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies, OmegaFinex has continually strived to redefine the landscape of the market, focusing on streamlining and enhancing the intricacies of the trading process.

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Anjouan, Comoros International Broker License

Omega Finex Inc. is an international brokerage and clearing house and is authorized to conduct all type of brokerage activities in accordance with Government Notice No. 005 of 2005 and is licensed by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority, Union of Comoros with the license number L15992/OFI. The registered office of OMEGA FINEX INCORPORATED is at Hamchako, The Autonomous Island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros.

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Core Values and Principles

Dedication to Technology

From its very beginnings, OmegaFinex Incorporated has set itself apart by being a beacon of technological prowess, dedicated to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the industry. The primary objective has always been to simplify and facilitate the complexities inherent in the world of trading. By incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, OmegaFinex has positioned itself as a trailblazer in providing tools and solutions that empower traders and investors alike.

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Journey Towards Success

OmegaFinex's unyielding dedication to staying ahead of the curve is evident in its continuous efforts to embrace emerging trends and breakthroughs. The brand's proactive stance on technology not only reflects its adaptability but also underscores its commitment to delivering value to its clientele. By integrating the latest technologies, OmegaFinex endeavors to set a new standard for user experience, making trading more intuitive, dynamic, and rewarding.

journey to success
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By consistently pushing boundaries and embracing the latest market trends, OmegaFinex remains a beacon of progress in the trading industry, promising a future where the complexities of trading are seamlessly navigated through state-of-the-art solutions.

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