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Forex micro economic calendar is a tool used by traders to track and monitor scheduled economic events, announcements, and indicators that can potentially impact currency markets.

These events include things like economic data releases (such as employment reports, GDP figures, inflation rates), central bank announcements (like interest rate decisions), and geopolitical events. The term "micro" typically implies a focus on short-term or immediate economic factors that can influence currency exchange rates.

By furnishing dynamic macroeconomic data in real-time, the Economic Calendar empowers you to effortlessly oversee, forecast, and respond to potentially market-shifting occurrences.


 With this functionality, you gain far beyond mere static charts or impact previews. You can sift through economic events from 38 nations by significance or country, monitor each event in real-time, or observe how analogous events have previously influenced price movements through the event chart.


FX Charts Aligned with Economic Events Access over 115 FX charts linked to various economic events, facilitating real-time monitoring of your currency pairs and swift decision-making when necessary.

Indices Associated with Economic Events Explore a comprehensive catalog of economic events spanning 38 countries, correlated with targeted indices. Filter for your preferred index and view the corresponding price and event chart, aiding in making well-timed investment choices when the economic event transpires.

Historical Performance Insights Review the plotted "forecast" and "actual" values from the past 5 years for each economic event, allowing you to discern historical trends effortlessly and gain deeper insights into their impact on currency dynamics.

Real-Time Data Updates Benefit from the tracking and real-time updating of macroeconomic data, ensuring you're consistently informed by the latest information for informed decision-making!

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